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At the Greenhithe Community Trust our vision is a vibrant, healthy and caring community.

Our mission is to equip Greenhithe community with practical ways to achieve this vision. We do this by drawing together resources and services, and by mobilizing the community to make Greenhithe a better place to live.

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our projects

GCT is sourcing funds from local government, grants and local businesses to assist the following Greenhithe community projects this year to be as good as they can be:

  • Community First Aid Course more
  • Fabulous Fridays for Seniors more
  • International Friends Tuesdays more
  • Mainly Music Mondays more
  • Plunket Coffee Group Wednesdays more
  • Know Your Street (and love it!) 2018 more
  • Greenhithe Ecology Network more
  • Toolbox courses more
  • Christmas Celebration for Seniors more
  • Greenhithe Spring Carnival more
  • Greenhithe Business Breakfasts more
  • Community Facilitators for Greenhithe more
  • No.12 Greenhithe Road more
  • Neighbourhood Support more
  • Champions more
  • Community Carols Event annually more
past greenhithe community projects

Here are some other projects that GCT has been part of in the last year:

  • Neighbors Day Easter Egg Hunt more
  • Queens Make Up Artistry more
  • Red Frog drug and alcohol training more
  • Greenhithe Lantern Festival 2018 more
  • Lucas Creek Community Clean up more
  • Lads Lounge Pool Hopping more
  • Wharf Plunge more
  • Water Warz more
  • Summer Youth Camp annually more
  • Outlook Reserve BUSH RESCUE more
  • Christmas Celebration for Seniors more
  • Greenhithe Spring Carnival more
  • Careers Workshop Greenhithe more
  • CAP budgeting course for youth more
  • Wainoni Park Planting Day more
  • Greenhithe Business Breakfasts more
  • Business Breakfast with Margaret Miles more
  • Greenhithe Basic Pest Control workshop more
  • Brave (next level English) more
  • Mental Health First Aid more
  • Preserving Workshop more
  • Love Food Hate Waste more
  • World Vision Youth Justice Conference more
  • A Parenting Place Cafe more
  • Green cafe more
  • International Know Your Street more
  • GH Summer Skate and Jam more
  • Off Beats Youth Musical Festival 2014 more
  • Offbeats Music Festival 2015 more
  • School Holiday Chess more
  • Street Contact Gatherings more
  • Welcome to Greenhithe School more
  • Welcome to Auckland Workshop more
  • Community Carols Event annually more
  • Toolbox Parenting Courses annually
community trust news

Know Your Street (and love it!) 2018

Well done Greenhithe on another round of street BBQs over summer. The purpose was to have fun getting to know your neighbours. And also discussing Neighbourhood Support, Civil Defence and Keeping Greenhithe Green.

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A Transpower Grant Triggers a Pest Control Revolution in Greenhithe

A large grant to GCT from Transpower’s Community Care Fund has given a major boost to community pest control efforts in Oruamo/Hellyers Creek. The 140 hectares of beautiful native forest has been labelled a high priority area. The fund will provide 250 Goodnature self-resetting gas traps which are great for the steep difficult terrain. Richard Chambers has been engaged though a Lotteries Environmental grant to lead the project for 2018.

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Loving Our Greenhithe Reserves

It is wonderful to see our community working together in our local reserves. Here are some pictures of the Chinese Conservation Education Trust working in Outlook Reserve. And Kaipatiki Trust working in Wainoni Park. For more information or if you have ideas about a bush rescue contact

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Coastline Clean Up February 4

80 people from Greenhithe community and surrounding areas worked hard to clean up the Lucas Creek coastline on a warm calm day in February. The Sea Cleaners barge provided transport, expertise, and took away all the rubbish. Shelley did a fantastic job making all the arrangements. Greenhithe Community Trust provided the BBQ lunch. Thanks everyone! Who would have thought it would be that much fun!

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No.12 Greenhithe Road

Greenhithe has a shared community space at No.12 Greenhithe Road. Here we are hosting general community parenting courses, youth groups, friendship groups, newcomers groups, an op shop and regular counselling sessions. It is all about Neighbourhood Support! The bustling community hub at No.12 has had a recent improvement - a new car park for 10 cars!

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upcoming events

10 Apr 18 The Hopeful Fashion Show more

20 Apr 18 Child Minders Course for Youth more

25 Apr 18 ANZAC Service Greenhithe more

05 May 18 Pest Free Oruamo/Hellyers Workshop more

09 May 18 Upper Harbour Ecology Network more

09 May 18 Greenhithe Ecology Network more

16 May 18 Plunket Coffee Group Wednesdays more

18 May 18 Collins Youth Community Fridays more

21 May 18 Mainly Music Mondays more

22 May 18 International Friends Tuesdays more

25 May 18 Fabulous Fridays for Seniors more

26 May 18 Community Composting Course more

19 Jun 18 Wainoni Park Planting Day more

22 Jun 18 Fearless Wholesome Cooking for Lads more

29 Jun 18 Fearless Wholesome Cooking for Gals more

29 Sep 18 Community First Aid Course more

19 Jun 28 Greenhithe Ecology Network BIRDS more

contact the trust

PO Box 251, Greenhithe
Auckland 0756
phone 413_ 7471